Barre AttackĀ  – Find out why this amazing workout has reached cult like status. Get your fitness levels up, tone and strengthen the body and vastly improve your posture in this beat-driven intense all over body workout. A lot of fun that gets results! It’s a definite must try here at the Studio!


Are you ready for a challenging and holistic workout designed to achieve a toned, lean, supple, fit and balanced body?

Barre Attack combines elements of classical ballet, principles of Pilates and Fitness to create an effective and challenging workout.

This ultra fun workout includes elements of stretching, attention to posture throughout the class and focuses on improving fitness. At the same time it incorporates high intensity interval training that helps reduce total body fat.

A lot of fun and gets great results. A must try here at the studio!


Known as ‘bounding’ or ‘rebounding, trampoline fitness is performed on a mini-rebounder which is a specialised mini-trampoline. It is different and has much less give than a mini trampoline you might buy from Target or online for..

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