Enjoy experiencing what is known as true ‘deep-state relaxation’.  We offer both dedicated meditation and yoga nidra classes and combination classes that incorporate guided meditation and yoga nidra with yin yoga or classical hatha yoga.

Deep State Relaxation

Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep is a deeply relaxing practice similar to guided meditation, and a body-mind based meditation of self- inquiry. Through resting & restoring the physical body, guiding awareness around the body and remaining alert you invite the benefits of true deep-state relaxation thereby relieving stress, anxiety and chronic pain, and at the same time increasing your health & physical resilience.

Kimberly is an iRest Level 1 teacher and incorporates iRest (Integrative Restoration) into the Yoga Nidra sessions.

The mental health and physical benefits from achieving deep state relaxation that you might initially notice in a class include a decrease in heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, and respiration (breathing) rate.

This form of relaxation can truly be life changing for those who experience anxiety or insomnia or chronic tension in the body.

Currently, Deep State Relaxation classes are on Friday’s 5.15pm and 6.15pm evenings and Sunday afternoons 3pm and 4pm with Stanja. These consist of light hatha/stretching and guided relaxation. On Tuesday nights at 7.30pm and Fridays at 1pm, Kimberley’s Yin yoga classes are also deeply relaxing.


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