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What is ‘Restorative Yoga’?

Jan 9 2021

Restorative yoga is a simple yet profound practice. The idea is to create a nurturing environment in which the body can feel completely supported.

Restorative yoga includes:

* Gentle joint release sequences and limbering movements to warm up the body at start of practice and between long-held postures

* Long-held restorative yoga postures – usually around six to eight postures in one class – each held for around three to ten minutes

* Connection with breath through different pranayama techniques, meditation practices, mindfulness, visualisations

* Final relaxation – sometimes Yoga Nidra

Even in the poses we can still be holding on to latent and residual tension.

The aim of the restorative yoga pose is to tune into the inner body and notice what we may still be holding on to.

Creating perceptions such as feeling weightless, yet simultaneously sinking into the earth… where our physical body merges with the energy around, while feeling totally safe and supported. Once we are experiencing a sense of being held by the earth, our body can release and we can focus the mind on stillness and peace. We can connect with the breath to remain in this exquisite state of being – at one with ourselves and the world.

This state is a gift that we can give to ourselves and as teachers here at the Studio, to our participants.

Check out our timetable and events pages for upcoming Restorative yoga classes and mini-retreats with Katie Brown and Stanja Buvac!


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