COVID-19 Safety Plan

Class time is allocated 1 hour unless otherwise specified eg Lunchtime Xpress classes or Barre classes 45 mins. Class time allocated includes COVID safety policy of 5 mins wipe-down of equipment and 3-5 mins transition from class.

Safety and Cleaning Procedures

  • All staff and teachers have completed COVID Infection training with certificates.
  • Members are welcome to wear their own masks and gloves in class.
  • No touch policy implemented in teaching classes.
  • Members and staff to stay 1.5m distance. Social distancing rules apply to everyone.
  • Instructors to ask new customers if they have had or have COVID or symptoms. No attendance with symptoms and a Doctor certificate clearance to return.
  • Members to wipe down mats or any equipment tey have touched after use with approved wipes provided by the Studio. Members encouraged to bring their own towel to use on mats and small towel for reformer.
  • Hand sanitizer available at entrance to the studio and inside the studio.
  • No more than 10 participants at any one time.
  • All equipment is cleaned and sanitised thoroughly by staff throughout the day.
  • Reformer beds are cleaned after every class.
  • Cleaning of frequent touch point surface areas such as door handles and equipment.
  • Social distancing outside studio to allow for the next class to leave the studio prior to entering.
  • Class timetable is based on class duration of 50 minutes to allow changeover between classes with wipedown of equipment instead of back to back classes. This allows time for people to leave a room and let it clear before others enter.

Member Responsibilities

  • Members asked to stay at home and not use the facility if unwell or have symptoms.
  • Members must book into and be signed into every single class
  • Members are asked to abide by social distance laws 1.5m between other members and the Studio High Street staff.
  • Members must bring a towel to use on equipment.
  • Members need to wipe down equipment with sanitiser wipes provided after use.
  • Members need to wear socks on Pilates machines and socks in studio. A towel is also encouraged.

QR Code

All clients must check in using our unquie QR code. This can be easily done via the Service NSW App. The QR code is displayed at the entrance to the Studio. We ask that all clients show the teacher of a successful checkin, prior to the beginning of class.


In the event there is a reported COVID positive case in the studio the relative authorities will be contacted and the members who had potential contact will be notified. The studio will be disinfected to ensure it is safe to resume classes.



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