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Pilates & Movement

Welcome to Studio High Street – your fitness community for improved movement and healthy living, whatever your stage of life. Our Studio is your place for enjoying both group classes & individual sessions, finding your wellbeing and achieving your personal goals. We are a hub for individuals, families and friends new and old no matter your stage of life.

Studio High street


  • Pilates classes Get toned, fit and strong with Pilates Reformer, Mat Pilates and Studio equipment-based Pilates classes.

  • Yoga classes are open-level classes & include Hatha based, Okido (Japanese yoga), Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, Yoga Nidra & Yoga Biomechanics.<

  • Beginner’s Classes We offer Beginner’s classes for Pilates, OOV and Yoga. All other classes are open-level.

  • Japanese yoga improves your strength and fitness levels, enhancing digestion, circulation and reducing stress and cortisol levels.

  • Stretch, Mobility & Release Work from the inside out with chronically tight areas such as neck & shoulders. These classes also focus on promot

  • Our Pilates classes for teen’s are designed to provide a non-competitive environment, focusing on functional movement.

  • Trampoline Fitness Shred a whole lot of calories with jump sport. Fun & high energy. Participate at your own pace with UBOUND HI or UBOUND LO!

  • Guided Relaxation & Yoga Nidra Experience what is known as true ‘deep-state relaxation’ with guided meditation and yoga nidra.

  • Events & Workshops Enjoy a Saturday or Sunday afternoon experiencing one of our relaxing or educational workshops or mini-retreats.

  • Senior’s classes are tailored for over 65’s and designed to keep you fit, get you moving with ease and improve balance & coordination.


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