We offer Beginner’s classes for Pilates and Yoga. All other classes are Open Level. To maximise the benefits from Pilates and Yoga it is strongly recommended to attend atleast 2 Beginner’s classes prior to attending the General Level classes.

Beginner's Classes

Beginner’s Classes are available for Pilates and Yoga. Other classes such as FAT BURNER Mini Trampoline, Barre/HIIT, Yin Yoga, Stretch & Mobility & Weight Training are Open-Level. Our class size is small enough to cater for someone newer to the class for these other modalities.

To maximise benefits from Pilates and yoga, it is strongly recommended to attend atleast 2-3 Beginner’s classes prior to attending the Open Level classes.

Pilates for Beginner’s
These classes cover the fundamentals of Pilates. Once these have been learned, participants can benefit from both Reformer and Mat Pilates classes. Beginner’s classes still provide a workout so don’t be dismayed as you’ll definitely be challenged!

What is covered in Beginner’s Pilates?

– Introduction to the Reformer machine
– Spinal positions
– Finding and activating the ‘core’
– Postural positioning of the body
– Breathing appropriate for Pilates
– Ensuring a safe practice

Yoga for Beginner’s
Learning the fundamentals of yoga includes:

– Positioning of the body for various poses
– Breathing technique (diaphragmatic)
– Listening to instructions without looking
– Common transition poses and warm ups
– How to main a safe practice

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