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Shoulder Stability & Strength Workshop, Saturday 25th May @ 12.45pm

May 20 2024 Liv
Shoulder stability and strength workshop - Posture series

Do you have weak shoulders?

Often shoulders are chronically weak due to poor movement habits during your regular daily activities, in addition to under-use of the stabilising muscles themselves.

Having strong shoulders supports the rotational nature of the shoulder joint in all the activities of daily living.

Building shoulder strength can also help undo that rounded shoulder posture that so many of us possess, particularly when working at desks for prolonged periods and looking down onto mobile devices.

Looking at individual participants’ shoulders in this workshop, you will learn how to strengthen the specific muslces around the shoulder joint and others related in the body which help maintain good shoulder strength.

Located in The Ice Works Shopping Precinct, North Willoughby, enjoy plenty of easy street parking nearby or next door at Harris Farm.

Level 1, 183-191 High Street

North Willoughby

(Up the stairs next to Dose Espresso)

Book in via the timetable. Places are limited so be quick!

Saturday, 25th May 2024 at 12.45pm (1 hour duration plus additional time at end if you would like to stay on for further questions, etc)


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