Frequently Asked Questions

Read below for some commonly asked questions. If you have a question that we haven’t addressed here, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

How often should I do classes to see results?

Attending 1-2 classes per week will give you benefits – moving with more ease, less aches and pains, improved mood, increased circulatory system and digestion.

The best results from exercise are gained from partaking in exercise daily or atleast about 3-4 times per week – that’s when you’ll feel and see noticeable changes – toning the body, shedding calories, enhanced intestinal functionality and maintaining a natural high and balanced emotional state.

The more often you move your body,  your mind becomes clearer and with better focus on daily tasks. Check out this TED talk by Wendy Suzuki, Professor of Neural Science at The Centre for Neural Science, New York University – about the immediate and longterm benefits of exercising on the brain!

The body and mind thrive on diversity of movement. Pilates Reformer requires mental processing. It is not ‘mindless movement’ like a lot of other modalities. If you have any requests for timetable updates, please feel free to contact the studio.

I am not flexible. Can I do Pilates Reformer?


The body is amazing at adapting to whatever it is you subject it to. You do not need to be flexible to start pilates. By doing pilates to the best of our abilities, we achieve results. Pilates is about working the body to the best of your capability each session, and thereby getting results. Through attending regular class, just 2- 3 times a week you will improve vastly, increasing flexibility and general health & fitness.

Inflexibility can lead to long term side effects such as hip, knee, lower back, neck and shoulder problems. Pilates will get you moving those stiff joints again, relieving tight muscles. Relieving tight areas in the body also gets lymph moving through the system for better circulation improving health on a greater level.


Do I have to become a member to attend classes?

You do not need to be a Member to join any of our classes. We offer Single class pass visits as well as packs (5 or 10). These have a 12 month expiry.

We offer an affordable Weekly Membership option too. 2 per week, 3 per week or Unlimited classes. (8 weeks or 12 week options)

You might already belong to a gym or have your own routine. Feel free to change up your usual fitness routine by fitting in one of our classes into your schedule!

What is your cancellation policy?

There is no charge for cancellations outside of 12 hours prior to class start time. For any out of the ordinary situations, just text our main mobile number (04 0 4 8 3 1 5 5 2).

As our members know, we are not overly strict in this regard however for repeated last minute cancellations and for classes which have waiting lists, then we reserve the right to deduct that class pass.

Do you have membership?

We offer weekly memberships

2 classes per week (12 week term, pause for up to 2 weeks for holidays)

3 classes per week (8 week term, pause for up to 2 weeks for holidays)

Unlimited classes(12 week term, pause for up to 2 weeks for holidays)


Why attend Studio High Street and not another Pilates studio or gym?

As a boutique movement studio, we offer smaller size classes which allows for individual attention in a group class setting. We are a welcoming, friendly community with classes suitable for both women and men of all ages.

We have selected supportive, fun, friendly and compassionate Instructors here at the Studio who are highly experienced and qualified, offering their attention and expertise to individuals in a small group setting. We enjoy getting to know each of our clients and your specific goals and requirements in order to help you to best achieve great results.

The culture within our Team at the Studio is pride in what we do. We enjoy forever learning, constantly researching various fitness and rehab modalities, investigating exercise science techniques and getting into the nitty gritty of what achieves long lasting results and what does not. Simply put, we are all passionate about what we do and it shows through our standards of teaching!

Our Studio offers only high end, quality equipment in a beautiful ambient environment.

Unlike gyms and other fitness facilities, our classes are one hour duration (instead of the hallmark 40 minutes which reduces further due to COVID requirements). Our pilates classes include a 5 min window for wipe-down of equipment used and transition from class, which brings the workout time to around 55 minutes.

Our team welcomes your feedback, requests and suggestions!

How many participants can you fit in a class?

Our boutique class sizes can currently accommodate the following number of participants

Pilates Reformer : 7 participants (soon to be 8 as of October ’22)

Yoga : 12 participants

FAT Burner : 12 participants

Stretch, Mobility, Release: due to the nature of this class we keep it to 6 participants

I am pregnant. Can I join classes in the studio?

Our classes in the studio are not specifically designed for pregnant women. If you become pregnant, please see your GP and let them know the classes you will be attending. Your GP will need to provide a clearance certificate to present to us, and we can ensure you perform a Pilates routine safely.

What to wear and what to bring for Pilates Reformer?

For hygiene purposes, please wear socks on the Reformer machines at all times. It is preferable for you to wear grip socks as it will prevent slipping whilst using the equipment.

Comfortable active wear is appropriate and ideally leggings so that positioning and form is visible to the instructor.

BOUNCE/FAT BURNER – wear sneakers and shorts, fitness skorts, capris or long leggings. For women, the minimiser sports bras are often preferred and for Men, wearing bike shorts underneath regular shorts is also a common preference.

Don’t forget to bring your water bottle and small towel!

We have a range of women’s and men’s Pilates grip socks for sale in the Studio, along with Pilates Eco Hygiene Reformer Mats which are like yoga mats for the reformer machine.




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