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Functional Pilates

Functional Pilates

Functional Pilates ensures optimal functionality of biomechanics, realigning and stabilising problem areas with efficient, effective strategies based on strengthening deep stabilisers, and increasing strength in full range of movement whilst understanding how to fix your own alignment and why it is helpful.

Good for all levels from elite athletes wanting to increase power and strength through better biomechanics, to those recovering from injury and needing to add to work they may be doing with physios.

Ruth Edington-Sheather, who runs the Functional Pilates classes, has over 20 years in injury rehab and prehab. She is also available for 1:1 private sessions ($110 for 60 minutes). You can email or phone to book a private session.


Do you have weak shoulders? Often shoulders are chronically weak due to poor movement habits during your regular daily activities, in addition to under-use of the stabilising muscles themselves. Having strong shoulders supports the rotational nature of..

How do you know if you are using your ‘core’ correctly? What happens when you don’t? What does it feel like to stand and sit using the right level of activation? What does it feel like when..


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