We have combined our Senior’s Active Ageing Classes into our ‘Stretch’ classes in the timetable. Open to all ages and levels of fitness, experience ease of movement, balance and coordination.

Active Ageing

Active Ageing classes have moved to our Signature ‘Stretch’ Class

Using a combination of pilates, yoga and exercise science techniques, these classes will get your body moving and feeling better.

These classes are designed for both older adults AND anyone who needs to get back into movement and fitness – we work on building strength, flexibility and improved mobility and efficiency of movement.

You might have a specific area of weakness, asymmetry in the body or chronic tightness. Having no luck with other modalities, then try this class out. You’ll also learn some exercises you can do at home too.

We’ll get you moving with greater ease and flexibility and get your general fitness levels back up.

Due to the nature of diversity in this class, maximum size is just 6 participants. We may have someone on a Reformer, another using props and another mat based floor work without props.

A really effective and enjoyable class for all!

Yoga & Pilates for Senior's


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