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Senior's classes

Classes for Senior’s or those who feel like a slower paced class

These classes are designed for older adults or anyone who feels like a gentler and slower paced class.

Using a combination of pilates and yoga, these classes will get your body moving and feeling better. These classes will serve to get your general fitness back up as well as get you moving with greater ease and flexibility.

Maximum size class is 8 participants.

Yoga & Pilates for Senior's


Restorative yoga is a simple yet profound practice. The idea is to create a nurturing environment in which the body can feel completely supported. Restorative yoga includes: * Gentle joint release sequences and limbering movements to warm..

If you try searching on the definition of yoga nidra, you may find the descriptions are really convoluted! Below is a simple and clear way to explain this ancient practice. Yoga nidra is one of the easiest..


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