Speak with us about your situation and we will help you realise your body’s full movement potential. Open to all ages and levels of fitness, you will experience ease of movement, balance and coordination.


Stretch, Release & Mobility

Talk to us regarding your situation and we’ll help you get your body moving and feeling better.

Our classes are designed to cater for all ages – both older adults AND anyone who needs to get back into movement and fitness – we work on building strength, flexibility and improved mobility and efficiency of movement.

Combining pilates, yoga and current exercise science techniques, this is a really effective and enjoyable class for all!

You might have a specific area of weakness, asymmetry in the body or chronic tightness.

We’ll get you moving with greater ease and flexibility and get your general fitness levels back up.


Do you have weak shoulders? Often shoulders are chronically weak due to poor movement habits during your regular daily activities, in addition to under-use of the stabilising muscles themselves. Having strong shoulders supports the rotational nature of..

How do you know if you are using your ‘core’ correctly? What happens when you don’t? What does it feel like to stand and sit using the right level of activation? What does it feel like when..


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