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Saturday Arvo Drinks – Emerge Festival @ The Ice Works

Sep 20 2023

Mark your calendar for Saturday, 30th September at 3.30pm

Join us for a Saturday arvo Surprise session (1 hour) at 3.30pm followed by drinks in the studio, and enjoy live music downstairs in the open carpark area next to Dose Espresso and in front of Gochiso Japanese restaurant.

Sponsored by Willoughby Council, the Emerge Multicultural Festival is the perfect community Spring event. Think Latin grooves, African Drumming and New Orleans Jazz for starters! Bring your picnic rug and pillows and make yourself comfy. Live entertainment is from 5pm until 8pm every Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights for 3 weeks commencing Thursday, 21st September!

Looking forward to getting together with every single one of you from our High Street Pilates community -Get ready to swap some stories and have a laugh.

We truly have a sensational community of people here, and it will be so much fun to get together and celebrate that and the wonderful diversity we have in our own locale of Willoughby.

Grab a bite to eat on site at your leisure at Braci for superb traditional Italian cuisine, or Gochiso for immaculate Japanese dining, how about Zeus for yummy Greek feasting, or La Bouitte for exquisite, classical French fare!


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