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Trampoline Fitness Does So Much More Than Burning Calories!

Nov 28 2021 Olivia Hammerschmidt
trampoline burning calories

Trampoline Fitness Classes

Known as ‘bounding’ or ‘rebounding’, trampoline fitness is performed on a mini-rebounder which is a specialised mini-trampoline. It is different to what you might find in a retail store such as Rebel or Target. It has much less give than a  typical retail trampoline or outdoor trampoline you might picture your kids jumping upon or yourself when you were younger.

Rather than jumping on the rebounder, as you would on a kid’s trampoline, you are bounding through the hips. Your upper body is angled forward by about 10 degrees, so you’re tightening up the abdominals which keeps your core activated and stable. Knees are slightly bent, not extended.

How does Trampoline Fitness improve our Lymphatic System?

In addition to the obvious cardiovascular benefits, Trampoline Fitness provides a low-impact, high intensity workout that boosts the lymphatic system, helping detoxify not just your face, but your entire body. How? Because the rebounding motions of the trampoline challenge your body to work against gravity, giving the lymphatic system the push it needs to circulate properly and flush out accumulated toxins and build up. Paired with the benefits of increased coordination, balance, and strength, our Trampoline Fitness workouts will leave you feeling refreshed from head to toe.

The lymphatic system removes toxins and waste from the body. Because the lymph system is not self sustaining it relies on us to drain and circulate lymph fluid throughout the body through movement. Trampoline cardio challenges clients to lift away and drive their feet back to the trampoline in a downward motion in a variety of positions. This action gives the lymphatic system the push it needs to circulate properly and flush out toxins. The pumping action of the calf muscles improves circulation in the veins and lymphatic vessels.

If the lymphatic system is not regularly drained it can become sluggish or even fail, leading to potential health problems such as dysfunction and disease including auto-immune disorders.

Trampoline Fitness increases  your core stability, boosts better circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage, and improves your mood. 

Enjoy awesome, cranking tunes and an endorphin high during and after!


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