We asked our clients why they started yoga, what they like about it and what benefits they experience from practising yoga. Hear what they have to say below.


What our clients are saying

Yoga has become such a big part of my life. There has been no other form of exercise as effective as this for keeping me healthy and in a happy frame of mind.

Cherie Ross, Client

When I do yoga, I feel awesome. I look forward to my fix every week!

Sunita Menon, Client

I guess you could say I do yoga because it makes me feel good. I like the sense of achievement  I get when I master the poses!

Lisa Pham, Client

I do yoga every week. It makes me stronger and feel happier when I do it.

Amy Chung, Client

I have been coming to this gym for 13 years, and Olivia’s Japanese yoga class is the best yoga class I’ve been to. The way Olivia describes everything really helps.

Carolyn King, Client



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