Prenatal private sessions provide very practical ongoing support during your entire pregnancy. We will keep you strong and supple throughout the trimesters and help with mitigating and alleviating common pregnancy-related issues.

Private Consults 1:1

Pilates 1:1 sessions

Tailored sessions to address your individual needs. We will complete a full body assessment and determine how best to help your body reach its potential.

Some people like to have a few private 1:1 sessions before joining group classes, others prefer private sessions to address more complex, longstanding dysfunctional movement patterns.

Talk to us to see how we can help your body realise its full movement potential.

Prenatal 1:1 sessions

If you’re pregnant and have clearance from your doctor, private 1:1 prenatal sessions are a great way to have ongoing support with your pregnancy through staying strong and supple during pregnancy.

We will help you with strong legs, arms, glutes, shoulders and back. We will also cover appropriate stretches and movements for each trimester to help prevent and relieve sore muscles from side-laying in bed, sore lower backs, tight shoulders, wrist mobility to prevent carpal tunnel and other typical issues that can arise from pregnancy.

We are proud to say we have some incredibly strong pregnant clients and are honoured to be their ongoing support during their pregnancies.


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