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Meet Sandra Reid

Jun 13 2021 Studio High Street Movement

Meet Sandra Reid, resident Pilates Instructor here at our studio in High Street!

We consider ourselves very lucky to have Sandra here at the Studio, and for our dear clients – you have the best in the industry to help you with your body goals.

Sandra has had a long interest in fitness with the last 10 years specifically devoted to using Pilates with her clients for its positive impact on physical and general wellbeing.

Over the years, Sandra has also worked as a Personal Trainer and helped many clients in a diverse number of countries achieve their fitness goals, ranging from weight loss and increased strength to improvement in aerobic fitness.

She has been a keen triathlon competitor for many years and has competed in many events including the Hawaiian Ironman World Championship 4 times.

Sandra discovered Pilates after having a hamstring injury while living in Japan and it has now become a daily regime as part of her training. Since then she has received three Pilates Mat Certifications and more recently the internationally recognised Polestar Pilates Studio & Rehabilitation Practitioner qualification.

In 2019 Sandra was in a bad cycling accident when a large monitor lizard ran underneath her front wheel when she was riding at 35kph. She endured a Fractured femoral neck which resulted in surgery. After learning to walk again she used pilates to completely rehabilitate and is back competing in triathlons once again.

Through her personal experience Sandra is familiar with what it takes to remain active as you age. She understands the benefits of pilates for all age groups for enhancement of posture,injury prevention, core strength and mobility of joints.

She has experience working with a range of clients ranging from athletes for injury prevention to more mature clients with joint and mobility issues as well as clientele after athletic conditioning.

You will find Sandra here at the studio running Pilates Reformer classes for men and women on Monday nights at 5.30pm, 6.30pm and 7.30pm as well as Sunday’s 9am and 10am. Keep your eye on the timetable as we are constantly adding new class times due to demand.

To experience one of Sandra’s classes will educate and enlighten you. Prepare to become more body aware and to work on the ultimate posture, remediating asymmetry in the body, gaining efficiency of movement as well as injury prevention.

If you have body goals and want results, attending Sandra’s classes will certainly see you achieve what you set for yourself.


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